Jamaica Plain

I have been training with Carlos for over three years. He is an excellent trainer, and he is helping me strengthen my problem spots (knee, wrist). He has a very thorough knowledge of body mechanics, as well as being a positive and motivational trainer. He worked closely with my physical therapist so that my PT treatments were complimented by my training sessions.



Carlos Moran has been my fitness trainer for over five years now.  He is conscientious, attentive and professional. I meet with Carlos for training several times during the week, and I continue to be pleasantly surprised how far I have progressed in strength, in endurance and in flexibility.  I often find that the mechanics of an exercise that I have found to be difficult become more fluid with each repetition or rep, even as with more reps the exercise becomes more tiring. Working the muscles until they get tired is (if you will pardon the pun) an “exercise in failure” — building both strength and endurance.  Even my friends keep noticing the changes in my body composition (it really is not so much about how much you weigh) as I have added more lean muscle and reduced fat.  Perhaps more importantly, in working together with Carlos over the years, we’ve kept my cardiologist very happy: through a program of regular fitness training, we’ve managed to moderate my diastolic blood pressure.  SO, if you are looking to add fitness to your life, come try on SoulfulBody Fitness for size.


Jamaica Plain

When I saw Carlos working with one of his clients at the gym, I immediately knew he was the trainer for me. At the time I was working out 1-2 hours per workout and suffering from knee and shoulder injuries due to using bad form and doing the same workouts all the time. 

Carlos is the best trainer I have worked with. Unlike other trainers I worked with before meeting him, the first thing he did when I hired him was to measure my body fat, and assess my level of physical fitness. And, best of all told me to stop working out for 2 hours every day since this was causing overuse to joints and muscles. He asked about injuries and my nutrition. He is not concerned with speed but rather using good form in order to avoid injuries.

​He is always focused on you, and his workouts are safe and intense. In other words he knows what he is doing! Since I started working with him I have no injuries. Now I can run and play tennis without knee pain, and I am in the best shape I have ever been.


Jamaica Plain

I started with a personal trainer in order to make myself adhere to an exercise schedule and to “tone-up”.  Now, so many years later, I can truly say that working with Carlos at SoulfulBody Fitness helps keep me healthy. Besides toning and conditioning, the training focuses on strength, balance, agility and flexibility—all increasingly important as I age. Carlos understands when to push me and when to pull back. Most importantly, I feel he cares about me as a person.



I had been lifting weights and exercising for over 25 years, and I felt my progress was stalled out. I was gaining about a pound a year, and it was all around my waistline. I had been through several rounds of physical therapy on my shoulders because of joint deterioration, mostly due to improper exercise techniques. 

Carlos is exactly the right trainer for me and my goals. I was specifically looking for a trainer with the right combination of weight-training and therapy experience who could teach me the proper techniques so that I wasn't hurting myself at the gym.

In a short period of time, I have decreased my body fat and raised my lean body mass. I'm building muscle, and I haven't needed one trip to a physical therapist. I feel amazing, and my results have exceeded every expectation. Carlos has taught me how to increase my strength, build a better body, and completely avoid injury. The best part is that he keeps every workout interesting. We're always doing something different.


Jamaica Plain

I began training with Carlos 5 years ago, when I realized that my physical condition was deteriorating from doing nothing with my body.  I was stiff and developing aches and pains from lack of exercise. Carlos began with easy exercises, and, only when I was ready, progressed to increasingly challenging ones. I’ve met all his challenges because of his supportive approach, training skills, and his cheerleading.  In fact, he got me ready for hikes across Spain and up Mt. Kilimanjaro two years ago and, more recently, for a 9-day hike in the Scottish Highlands. 

Because of his training and dedication to safe practices, Carlos is keenly aware of body dynamics, especially those of the back and core, which he safeguards by correcting my approach and posture during the exercise. He takes the time to explain the whys of proper technique, and makes sure I am using the correct muscles. 

​When my mother was my age, she could carry just one bag of groceries at a time, and couldn’t walk far.  Because of Carlos, I am very strong, flexible, and far healthier than if I had not had him as my trainer.


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