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When I was in 9th grade in California, I enrolled in health class, and I will never forget what the teacher wrote on the black board when he first came into the classroom. He wrote:

     “There are no problems in life, only challenges.”

These words have stuck with me my entire life, and this mantra continues to help me even today whenever I feel overcome or overwhelmed by the daily rigors of life. 

Around the age of seventeen, I enrolled in a weight training class and this became a catalyst to positive change that has lead me to where I am today. I liked the immediate results and gains that lead to to a very obvious changes in my physical appearance. My family and peers noticed, and I started feeling really good inside. As I got older, I recognized that beauty is only skin deep, and that there is more depth to every human being. It’s important to live a life that is much deeper than our physical appearance and to nurture the soul to make important changes that can last a life time.

Many personal fitness programs today lack trainers who really know who their clients are inside and out. The relationship between a trainer and a client must incorporate an honest and truthful knowledge about the mindset of both client and trainer. Instead of keeping a professional and ethical emotional distance, I feel personal fitness training has to be “personal" for clients to be able to achieve their goals. Personal training cannot be a one-sided relationship. This is why my training company is called SoufulBody Fitness. One Soul, One Body, One SoulfulBody.

The training experience is not like you see on television. TV shows have a lot more  resources at their disposal, and you’re only see part of the story. Aggressive tactics are ridiculous! There is a difference between motivating and just being absurd. You can only change when you are are truly ready and committed to making a change. Only then can a trainer teach you the tools you need to approach fitness from the right perspective and make changes that last a lifetime.

I won’t kid you. Working out can be a chore. Getting a personal trainer is an investment in both time and money, but it’s also a lasting investment in yourself. Many people don’t think twice about spending money on expensive clothes, fancy cars, or nice houses, yet they resist spending anything on their health and fitness. But spending 3 or 6 months to be healthier shouldn’t be a different story. Pause for a second and consider what you really value most. Can you really put a price on your health? I made the choice in my twenties to invest in a personal trainer, and that experience is still very much a part of my life today.

Speaking Plainly about the Evolution of SoulfulBody Fitness

One Soul, One Body, One SoulfulBody