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SoulfulBody Fitness takes a client friendly approach when meeting with one of our trainers. We care about your fitness concerns and we  listen to your needs so that you make the best informed choice when selecting a training programs that works best for you.

Welcome to SoulfulBody Fitness, Inc., where we pride ourselves in helping Independent Fitness Trainers of all disciplines build a “Life”… not just a career!
We are the best training studio in Roslindale MA., and our best trainers are ready to help you reach your fitness potential!

Unlike the rigid structure of a major fitness corporation’s approach with a “one size fits all” training methodology; SoulfulBody Fitness philosophy is quite the opposite. 

We allow all of our independent fitness trainers to hone in on their area of expertise so they can cater to each of their client’s fitness goals with success!

SoulfulBody Fitness puts our clients first, and we uphold the highest of standards for recruiting the best talent in the fitness industry who share in our philosophy. 

All of our trainers are highly qualified and certified by a reputable nationally known accredited organizations. Their areas of professionals skills range from a background in: athletic training, functional training, best weight loss management program, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and much, much more…

We have someone just for right for you here at SoulfulBody Fitness, Inc.!

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